Essay about african slave trade

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Essay about african slave trade

The Europeans chose the African people for a few reasons: There culture, build and being used to hard labor. The African Slave Trade was the largest migration of people in the world. Twelve million moved but only Ten million made it alive.

There was a passage that the Europeans used during the African Slave Trade called the Middle Passage for simpler transport. Once in the New World, treatment of the slaves did not get any better. Slaves did contribute to the formation of their own social and religious ways. Many people did believe that slavery was the wrong thing to do to a person and outburst of support opened around the world.

This idea of freedom gave the slaves the courage to escape and had ways of doing so. Haiti was an important part of the history of slavery and is important to review.

When the Europeans arrived overseas in Africa they were intrigued by this idea of slavery. They felt that the African people were used to the hot weather and long and hard working days.

They thought of the blacks as inferior as well. Slavery had a different meaning in the New World than it did in Europe. People were considered chattel in the New World. This means that one human was the property of another human. The Europeans needed to find people to keep up with the labor on the plantations in the new world Corretti.

There was a route that was taken from Africa to the new world during the Slave trade. This route was named The Middle Passage. The Middle Passage had a triangular shape and sometimes was called the Triangular Trade. The passage started in Africa and then could go either to Europe to drop off textiles from Africa and to refuel then go to the New World to trade out the slaves or vice versa Corretti.

Africans in America | Part 1 | Narrative | The African Slave Trade and the Middle Passage

The journey was a traumatic time for the laves. They were treated badly and some so bad that they committed suicide. Out of twelve million slaves moved, only ten million made it to the new world alive. Once the African slaves made it to the new world their journey was not over.

The slaves were shipped to the coast of the New World because it was closer to the ocean and had fewer diseases than territories further from the coast. They went to the south because there were larger plantations and the North was more industrialized. Cotton, tobacco, rice and sugar cane plantations needed labor the most and were located in the south.

They were traded off to plantation owners to start their new life Corretti. The way that the Africans were treated by their owners was negative. Slaves were auctioned off, families were split.

They had small houses to sleep and eat in. Work for the slaves started at dawn and went until dusk. They were overseen by a work hand that beat and whipped them Corretti.

The African slaves were from all different areas of the continent.Related information about The African Squadron: The U.S. Navy and the Slave Trade, can be found on the Mystic Seaport, The Museum of America and the Sea website. ENDNOTES 1 Phillip Curtin, The Atlantic Slave Trade: A Census (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, ), The mechanics of the Atlantic Slave Trade had an Impact on the cultures of European Societies, West Africa and the enslaved people themselves.

In Europe, the economy completely shifted its focus and changed priorities, while countries fought over control of the trade. West African people were betrayed by their own rulers, and economic patterns were [ ].

More Essay Examples on Slavery Rubric. a. The Transatlantic slave trade, while it occurred centuries ago has affected and impacted the cultural, educational and socioeconomic status of African Americans ever since that time.

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The slave trade devastated African life. Culture and traditions were torn asunder, as families, especially young men, were abducted. Guns were introduced and slave raids and even wars increased. The Atlantic Slave Trade. The Atlantic Slave Trade in Africa was one of the most widespread forms of slave trade in the continent of Africa.

As such, it had major implications on both the social, political and economic lives of the West Africans.

Essay about african slave trade

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