Kanye west business plan

With the launch of each season of Yeezys, web servers crashed, shoes sold out in under an hour and resale values surged to new record highs. How did the Yeezy Boost become the most coveted sneaker of the moment?

Kanye west business plan

It involved watching the clock tick down to the moment of release, a race to place an order, and much hype on social media over what was — or was not — bagged.

The product was a pair of shoes the Yeezy Boost v2 designed by rapper-cum-designer Kanye West for sportswear giant Adidas.

kanye west business plan

Nor are they the pioneers of this new marketing strategy — skatewear brands Supreme and Palace are among the masters of the art. The whole process is an increasingly kanye west business plan part of millennial consumption and the epitome of some profound changes facing marketers.

Drops work something like this: To be effective, the drop will involve a highly distinctive product that is limited in quantity, endorsed by a celebrity and with a premium price tag.

To further heighten the sense of expectation, the drop is appropriately timed and visible on company websites permitting consumers to count down to it.

In the most recent case, news about the latest Yeezy shoes dripped out over the summer, resulting in two months of buzz on social media.

The era of Instagram and Snapchat is an essential part of the process — social media enables millennials all over the world to readily discuss the products they covet.

Drop it like it’s hot

Rather than having to spend money on expensive advertising or promotions, consumers do their marketing for them. Instead, the brands can spend big on product endorsers, like West. Nonetheless, the products sell out in seconds. For the small minority of successful buyers, there is normally one primary response and one of two secondary responses.

Success brings a sense of victory to a process characterised by competing to consume, alongside the satisfaction of owning a highly desired, branded product. Dropped sportswear has rapidly become one of the most popular product categories on eBay. Yeezys for sale on eBay shortly after the drop.

Simon Chadwick For those unlucky to have missed out, the post-purchase experience is again one lived out on social media. At least until next time, when another drop takes place. Age-old tactics In some ways, what the world of sportswear witnesses during drops is an age-old tactic.

Limiting the availability of a product is a common practice and in simple terms this is all these drops are doing. Hyped launches and limited editions have long been used by marketers to boost sales.

Kanye on Confidence

And products are often re-sold, whether at car boot sales or via small ads in newspapers. However, waiting online for a drop while discussing it on social media seems to have become a distinctly 21st-century phenomenon. It is more than a convergence of buzz and word-of-mouth marketing.

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kanye west business plan

Kanye has reportedly been shopping for the ideal locale in the Calabasas area.

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