Mba research methods questions and

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Mba research methods questions and

Relationship between perceived organizational ethics and effectiveness of e-business: It has been noted that inthere were approximately 4. Furthermore, SMEs contribute to the The factors that determine the success of an SME are attributed to the ability of the management to capitalize on the strengths and opportunities.

Technological advancements have also changed the outlook of the business environment for SMEs within UK. The SMEs as well as large scale corporations have perceived e-business as a profitable opportunity, thus leading to the integration of e-business models in SMEs. Such positive online behavior is expected to be facilitated by a wide array of reasons.

Limayem, Khalifa and Frini have used the theoretical framework of planned behavior to identify the factors that result in increased participation of online transactions by the consumers. It was found that the perception of the consumers about the repercussions of their use of internet and the subsequent purchase was the main factor which determined their future internet based purchase behavior.

Taking this view into consideration, the ethical behavior of the organisation can support the online consumers in establishing feelings of trust towards the company. According to Kracher and Corritore the businesses operating in the online world apply similar ethical rules as the businesses that have physically established set ups in the market.

Mba research methods questions and

Therefore, the presence of trust and credibility holds equivalent importance within e-business context. Most of the organizations engaging in electronic business use the financial output as a tool of identifying the degree of effectiveness. However, the return on investment seems to offer limited scope of understanding the notion of success.

As proposed by Walker and Brownthe SMEs can utilize non monetary criterion to identify their capability to maintain effective level of performance. So and Sculli have identified the presence of trust as one of the key elements that promotes online consumer behavior.

A consumer is likely to develop trust on a business if they underlying perception is supportive of the ethical conduct of the company. It has been further asserted that firms that are not able to maintain positive perception among the target market are likely to face significant loss. The overall ethical outlook of a company is linked with the maintenance of consumer privacy and confidentiality of the data.

McKnight, Choudhury and Kacmar have demonstrated the role of positive perception of the business in the consumer base. It has been stated that in order to facilitate a potential consumer to become an actual consumer of a company, the firm needs to establish validated feelings of dependability.

This proposition is further reinforced by the persistent display of moral and ethical choices by the company. One of the dimensions related to ethical conduct of a business has been identified by Culnan and Armstrong who regarded the sharing of information with customers as a means of establishing goodwill among them.

The consumers who were informed about the company about the nature and scope of use of their profile information were able to view this as a reflection of organizational ethics. On the other hand, firms that collected and used consumer related information, but were reluctant to provide knowledge about the process were perceived with suspicion and low credibility.

This indicates that the variables of perceived risk and perceived organizational ethics are significantly related to each other. Ferrell and Hartline have suggested that the quality of relationship of a company with its external stakeholders can have a strong influence on the pace of logistics and operations.

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Similarly, in the online context, positive relationship with online consumers can result in increased sales and profitability. The perceived ethical conduct of the firm in this case tends to play a mediating role in the consumer purchase decisions.

Boatright also supported this notion by asserting that e-business success of an organisation in terms of customer retention and loyalty is dependent upon the perception it generates in the mind of the consumers.

Organizations that focus on acting in morally responsible ways establish the foundation of long term trust in the consumers. On the other hand, management that keeps its own vested interest central is likely to develop an ethically damaged perception in the market. This in turn has negative implications for the sales, profitability and revenue.

Research Objectives and Research Questions The behavior of consumers is not only guided by available information about the features of products or services. If an organization is deemed as valuing the ethical and moral principles, the consumers automatically attribute the features of trustworthiness and credibility with the firm.

The researcher will also explore the perception of consumers about the moral principles upheld by organizations and their willingness to engage in e-business activities with these firms.

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The research objectives identified for the study are as follows: To understand the perception of organizational ethics among the online consumers of SMEs. To explore the factors developing perception of organizational ethics among online consumers. To investigate the impact of perceived organizational ethics on effectiveness of e-business for SMEs.The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree will dramatically expand one’s knowledge of business and is the academic ticket to greater opportunities for employment, promotions, and income.

Mba research methods questions and

Current students please login to BRUIN and select “Academic Progress” for your curriculum requirements.. Degree Information. Bellevue University’s Performance MBA is designed for new and emerging business professionals with a wide range of incoming academic backgrounds.

The Regenesys MBA has a holistic approach to the development of future managers and leaders. Unlike traditional business schools focusing on IQ and quantitative management models, Regenesys adds qualitative dimensions to leadership development - emotional, spiritual and ethical.

Current students please login to BRUIN and select “Academic Progress” for your curriculum requirements.. Degree Information. Bellevue University’s Performance MBA is designed for new and emerging business professionals with a wide range of incoming academic backgrounds.

Program Features. Download PDF View on Issuu. U.S. News and World Report ranked USF's MBA No. 53 among public universities and No. 92 in the nation overall. Joyce joined 23andMe in and leads the 23andMe research team, which is responsible for consumer health and ancestry research and development, academic and industry collaborations, computational analyses for therapeutics, and new research methods and tools development.

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