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There are three solutions for this case to be analyzed and discussed. Buy the new equipment without any change in taxes. Buy the new equipment with the new tax proposes without the biding contract.

Pressco npv

Taggart Fulton Hall B Web site: I will also be happy to meet with you on a walk-in basis when I am free, or please call Ms. Marrilyn Reid at to schedule an appointment. Impart concepts and tools for analyzing such major corporate decisions as capital budgeting and financing; introduce students to the relationship between security market risk and return.

Westerfield and Bradford D. Jordan, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 5th ed. Class sessions will be devoted to discussion of the reading and suggested problems. In order for everyone to derive maximum benefit from the classes, it is important to do the assigned reading and try the problems before class.

Advance preparation will be especially important for the three in-class case discussions on Thurs. Please read the cases carefully in advance and be prepared to discuss the questions listed in Section V of this syllabus. Written work for the course will consist of a case write-up, a problem set, a mid-term and a final exam.

Both exams will be given in class on an open-book, open-notes basis. You are invited to work on the case write-up and the problem set in groups if you find this helpful.

Students may hand in one case or problem set write-up for a group of up to three students, with all members of the group receiving the same grade. Final exam Class 4 Class 6 Class 11 Thurs. Chapter 9 Suggested Problems: Cash Flows and Taxes Reading: Pressco Case in case packet Note: Chapter 12 Suggested Problems: Principles of Portfolio Management Reading: The Security Market Line Reading: Chapter 14 Suggested Problems: Problem Set Due at this Class 4 See Discussion Questions in Section V below Case Discussion Questions Please be prepared to discuss these questions on the scheduled case discussion days: Assume the rumored new tax proposal is not enacted and that the new drying equipment replaces the old in December Why has Netscape been successful to date?

What appears to be its strategy? What must be accomplished if it is to be a highly successful going concern in the long run? How risky is its current competitive position?

Does Netscape need to go public to satisfy its capital needs? What sources other than the public equity market could be tapped to satisfy those needs?

What might explain the phenomenon of "underpricing" in the IPO market? Should the Netscape board be concerned about underpricing? Marriott Corporation A Tuesday, February 26 1.

Why is Marriott's chief financial officer proposing Project Chariot? Is the proposed restructuring consistent with management's responsbilities?

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Should Marriott recommend the proposed restructuring to the board?Above NPV analysis is based on the assumption that fuel prices remain stable over the next decade. Over the last 10 years until , fuel prices somewhat rose but much of this increase was attributed to the drastic rise in price in and Appendix (excel file) contains the detail Net Present Value financial review and incorporates multiple factors including cash flows, investment tax credit, cost saving, tax effect from depreciation and salvage value/5(1).

Net Present Value and Capital Budgeting: An HBSP Course Module • Requires an understanding of the tax treatment of depreciation, capital expenditures and asset sales in the cash flow calculation; explores an alternate scenario under different.

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Jane Rogers, Pressco, Inc. sales representative is trying to sale drying equipment to Paperco, Inc. The first Roger’s attempt to sale the products fail, but, however in November the new tax legislation had been rumored and Peperco, Inc.

Pressco npv

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