The major problem in my city

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The major problem in my city

Learning Objectives Discuss any three problems of urban life. Provide an example of a problem that specifically arises from the fact that cities consist, by definition, of large numbers of people living in a relatively small space. Life in US cities today is certainly complex.

On the one hand, many US cities are vibrant places, filled with museums and other cultural attractions, nightclubs, theaters, and restaurants and populated by people from many walks of life and from varied racial and ethnic and national backgrounds.

Many college graduates flock to cities, not only for their employment opportunities but also for their many activities and the sheer excitement of living in a metropolis. On the other hand, many US cities are also filled with abject poverty, filthy and dilapidated housing, high crime rates, traffic gridlock, and dirty air.

Many Americans would live nowhere but a city, and many would live anywhere but a city. Cities arouse strong opinions, pro and con, because there are many things both to like and to dislike about cities. By definition, cities consist of very large numbers of people living in a relatively small amount of space.

Some of these people have a good deal of money, but many people, The major problem in my city in some cities most people, have very little money. Cities must provide many kinds of services for all their residents, and certain additional services for their poorer residents. These basic facts of city life make for common sets of problems affecting cities throughout the nation, albeit to varying degrees, with some cities less able than others to address these problems.

This section examines several of these problems. Fiscal Problems One evident problem is fiscal: Cities typically have serious difficulties in paying for basic services such as policing, public education, trash removal, street maintenance, and snow removal at least in cold climatesand in providing certain services for their residents who are poor or disabled or who have other conditions.

In earlyalmost three years after the United States officially emerged from the recession, this fiscal crisis persisted. Mayors in Rhode Island told their governor that their cities need fiscal aid from the state to prevent them from having to declare bankruptcy.

Something has to be done this year. We cannot have a study commission. Detroit, Michigan, was in danger of running out of money altogether and being taken over by its state government.

The member of the US House of Representatives who represents Detroit said he was seeking aid from the federal government: In response to financial problems in these and other cities across the nation, the US Conference of Mayors urged Congress in early to provide several kinds of aid to cities, including low-interest loans for local rail and road projects and funding for housing and job training for low-income residents United States Conference of Mayors, Applying Social Research Urban Neighborhoods and Poor Health Social scientists have long thought that poor urban neighborhoods pose, in and of themselves, significant health risks for their residents.

These neighborhoods lack supermarkets with fresh fruits and vegetables, and they lack safe parks and other settings for exercise. They are also neighborhoods with high crime rates and thus much stress. For all these reasons, they should impair the physical health of their residents.

Reflecting this argument, the residents of poor urban neighborhoods do, in fact, exhibit significant health problems compared to the residents of wealthier neighborhoods. Although this argument might sound compelling, the residents of poor and wealthier neighborhoods might differ in other ways that affects their respective health.

For example, people living in wealthier neighborhoods are generally more educated and more conscious of taking care of their health. If their health then is better than that of their counterparts in poor neighborhoods, it is difficult to know how much the neighborhood setting itself plays a role in the health of residents.

In the s, the federal government conducted an experiment in which 1, poor urban women were randomly selected and, with their permission, assigned to move from their neighborhoods to wealthier neighborhoods. The women were studied a decade after they moved. In particular, they were weighed and had their blood checked for evidence of diabetes.

Their results were then compared to women in their original neighborhoods who were not selected to move away.

The major problem in my city

The women who did move away ended up with somewhat lower rates of diabetes and obesity than those who stayed behind. The experimental design of this study allowed the researchers to conclude that the change in neighborhoods was the reason for their improvement in these two health measures.

People who live amid crowding are more likely to experience stress and depression and to engage in aggressive behavior or be victimized by it.

Another problem is crowding.Many public school teachers also cite student attitudes, such as apathy and disrespect for teachers, as a major problem facing schools today. A poll from the National Center for Education Statistics cited that problems like apathy, tardiness, disrespect and absenteeism posed significant challenges for teachers.

Another major problem that looms on the horizon and one that probably is already upon us and exerting its effects, is the phenomenon of Global Warming. Hurricane Katrina which a few years ago hit the Southern coastal city of New Orleans in the USA is estimated to have killed over people.

In order to make my point I propose a. Aug 16,  · Among other issues affecting youth in my community, the most issue is Education. It seems most youth in my community does not see the value of Education and that they rush to quit school even before high school while others quit school after finishing high school and they do not bother to go for higher Education.

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