Workout world problem essay

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Workout world problem essay

Consumption of processed and convenience foods and our dependence on the car have led to an increase in obesity and reduction in the fitness level of the adult population.

In some countries, especially industrialized ones, the number of obese people can amount to one third of the population.

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This is significant as obesity and poor fitness lead to a decrease in life expectancy, and it is therefore important for individuals and governments to work together to Workout world problem essay this issue and improve their citizens' diet and fitness.

Obesity and poor fitness decrease life expectancy. Overweight people are more likely to have serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, which can result in premature death. It is well known that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, which means that those with poor fitness levels are at an increased risk of suffering from those problems.

Changes by individuals to their diet and their physical activity can increase life expectancy. There is a reliance today on the consumption of processed foods, which have a high fat and sugar content. By preparing their own foods, and consuming more fruit and vegetables, people could ensure that their diets are healthier and more balanced, which could lead to a reduction in obesity levels.

In order to improve fitness levels, people could choose to walk or cycle to work or to the shops rather than taking the car. They could also choose to walk up stairs instead of taking the lift. These simple changes could lead to a significant improvement in fitness levels. Governments could also implement initiatives to improve their citizens' eating and exercise habits.

This could be done through education, for example by adding classes to the curriculum about healthy diet and lifestyles.

Governments could also do more to encourage their citizens to walk or cycle instead of taking the car, for instance by building more cycle lanes or increasing vehicle taxes. While some might argue that increased taxes are a negative way to solve the problem, it is no different from the high taxes imposed on cigarettes to reduce cigarette consumption.

In short, obesity and poor fitness are a significant problem in modern life, leading to lower life expectancy. Individuals and governments can work together to tackle this problem and so improve diet and fitness.

Of the solutions suggested, those made by individuals themselves are likely to have more impact, though it is clear that a concerted effort with the government is essential for success. With obesity levels in industrialized and industrializing countries continuing to rise, it is essential that we take action now to deal with this problem.The central problem is the “huge bureaucracy developing and this is having negative effect on members and potential customers due to inconsistencies that have arisen across different services offered by Workout World.

The central problem is the “huge bureaucracy developing and this is having negative effect on members and potential customers due to inconsistencies that have arisen across different services offered by Workout World.

Workout world problem essay

I strongly believe that the success of any organization heavily depends on the efficiency and competency of its human resource. The real asset of an organization is its workforce and if the employees work as a dedicated team and remain focused and committed to the goals of the organization, its smooth and effective functioning is ensured/5(8).

A problem-solution essay about the workplace should keep its audience in mind. A problem and its solution might look very different depending on whether you’re looking at it from an employee’s perspective or an employer’s perspective.

Sep 06,  · In reality, problem solution essays are a way of writing out what we are always doing in our lives and work: trying to find a better way to do something.

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Because these essays are harder to write, it helps if you really care about the plombier-nemours.coms: Lifting weights and a cardio workout increases the body's strength. When a person lifts weight, he or she exerts strain on his or her muscles. Essay on Analysis of the Movie Out of the Past RESEARCH PROBLEM decision problem.

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Research variable. 3. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE. 4. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research design.

Problem-solution essays