Writing a winning job application book

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Writing a winning job application book

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Finding a job posting that seems like the perfect fit for your personality, experience, and schedule is actually the easy part. The hard part is writing a winning application that helps get you the job.

Believe us, they are — remember, finding a nanny or babysitter is just as stressful as finding a job is for you. And finding the perfect person for the job is a whole part-time job in itself. Does mom mention her cute puggles and want someone with infant CPR certification?

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If she receives a few stellar applications from sitters who mention they love dogs and have an up-to-date CPR certification, those caregivers will be her top picks.

Reference how your specific experience applies to those needs. Avoid sending all families the same generic application.

Just include relevant information about yourself. Try to make your application read less like a resume and more like a story. Did you care for infants? Did you pick the kids up after school and drive them to practice?

What about homework help? Dedicate one or two sentences of your application to explaining how your specific experience is relevant to the job posting.

Every kid is special, and parents are looking for a just-as-special babysitter or nanny. In your application, explain what makes you different from other caregivers. For example, if you know the secret to getting kids to eat their veggies or are particularly talented at explaining mind-boggling geometry problems, let parents know!

And if it relates to what the parents are looking for, feel free to include a moment that made you realize why you love this work.

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Was it when one of your charges finally tied his shoes on his own? Any way to show how much joy you get out of your job is a plus. Give them an idea of what a typical day would be with you and their kids. Describe some of your favorite activities, routines, or games.

Do you like to lead kids in a craft or drawing time with music? What is your favorite book to read before bedtime? Do you teach all your charges your top-secret tooth-brushing dance to make it more fun? We also recommend that you keep your availability calendar as up-to-date as possible.

Do you have any other tips for other sitters and nannies to write winning job applications?Quick Deadline? Save Time With Our MRH ProGuide and Word Template! Developing an RFP and RFQ Response Kit. This Ready-to-Write RFP Response template (Microsoft Word Doc format) will give you a head start in writing your RFP response.

You can follow the template we’ve setup for you, or modify it entirely to be your own. Cover Letters: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Successful Cover Letter (employers, targeting, creating, questions, resume, job hired, dead, winning, application, interview, career) Paperback – August 11, /5(4).

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writing a winning job application book

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